SDF foundation

SDF foundation

A moment for a child

The objective of the Sheila de Fretes Foundation (SDFF) is to provide a safe haven for children all over the world. Every child needs security, warmth and love, regardless of the environment in which they live. SDFF offers practical, efficient solutions that help to improve children’s living conditions and provide them with the love and warmth they deserve.

On-site solutions

The SDF Foundation is affiliated with Stichting de Paradijsvogel, an organisation that provides a safe environment for children in the Netherlands who have a physical or mental handicap. SDFF’s working method consists of identifying needy children somewhere in the world, and then looking for on-site solutions for their problems by facilitating contacts between children, caregivers, and people in their own immediate environment who can offer help. The result is a number of ongoing projects in countries such as Egypt, Indonesia and Thailand.

SDFF advises, acts as an intermediary, and works on projects itself. Its work includes arranging education, training and work, as well as enlisting the help of volunteers who have specialized knowledge of particular areas. Activities can range from cultivating a field to renovating a building, from giving English lessons to caring for the handicapped. SDFF welcomes all participants, and all forms of help.

Support us!

In order to help as many children as possible, we require a great deal of support in the form of time, effort, knowledge, and of course financial means!

Do you have something to offer? Let us know! Do you know a child in need? Let us know! Together we can help to create a safe environment for children around the world.


Sheila de Fretes Foundation
A moment for a child
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Bank account numbers:  2607 74 766 and 472 5921

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