New project Thailand 2019

Somewhere, a long way away from here, a new dream project is developing. Called ‘Wisdom Heart’, this project is part of the Sheila de Fretes Foundation (SDFF). SDFF , founded by Sheila de Fretes, aims to give children, adults and animals a trusting, secure and safe place to be. Anywhere in the world.

The time has come to start a new project. In 2011 Sheila met Nadia. Dreams were spoken about and seeds were planted. Nadia offered the use of her estate in Thailand for this meaningful project ‘Wisdom Heart”.

The project is being built in Chiang Rai Thailand, in the middle of nature. Chiang Rai is off the beaten track, but still accessible for visits. Small, back to basic accommodation is being built. There will be a juice bar, organic vegetable garden, massage parlour, meditation room, coffee corner and a beautiful light garden.

Self-sufficiency and respect are extremely important to this project. Respect to humans, nature and animals. This small scaled project offers great employment opportunities and is only run by local people. Enabling the whole village to work together, the profits will be used to support the elderly and orphans within the village. SDFF is a not for profit organisation. The vision of this project is to give back to mother earth. There shall be a 100 trees planted in honour of this project. Home grown fruit and vegetables are used to create vegetarian meals for the visitors.

Modern life means many people are subject to stress, depressions and burn-out. It is hard to think off a world without these problems. People need a place to relax, to find inner peace and rediscover themselves. A place just for being. A place for being in the moment. No thoughts of the past or worries about the future. Enjoying the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Getting up peacefully. Starting your day with yoga, meditation or maybe a message. Afterwards enjoying a great breakfast of home produce. Exploring or go on an adventure. Take a tour with a local guide. Burn a light in honour of a special person in the light garden. Total enjoyment, who is not looking for that?

Are you getting excited about this project? Do you want to support our beautiful, trusting and meaningful project? You can support in different ways. You can come and stay at project “Wisdom Heart”, donate directly or volunteer. All help is welcome and every little bit helps!

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