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Netherlands "De paradijsvogel"

De Paradijsvogel – the Bird of Paradise – in The Netherlands is a centre for children from 6 to 17 years of age who have a disorder in the autistic spectrum, or mental and/or physical disabilities. For many years initiator Sheila de Fretes has committed herself wholeheartedly to the welfare of children. One of her greatest wishes was to create a place where she could offer help to several children at the same time, and give their parents some time for themselves. This was the guiding principle behind the establishment of the foundation in 2002.

Professional care and personal attention
A team of experienced staff and volunteers cooperates closely with healthcare professionals and contact groups in the region, which ensures proper support for the expert guidance of the children.
Due to the small scale of the Paradijsvogel it is possible to give the children just that extra bit of care and personal attention that they need. The focus is not on special therapies, but rather on learning to cope with everyday situations.

Safe surroundings and animals
The daycare center is located in a cozy farmhouse with lots of surrounding space. The facilities include a play-attic with a snuggling room, a big room where all sorts of activities take place and where the children can express themselves creatively.
The outside area includes a small play garden, a children’s zoo with a potbellied pig, four goats, chickens and ducks, and a paddock for the four horses of the Paradijsvogel. The children are encouraged to help with the care of the animals and they have the opportunity to learn to ride under expert guidance.

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