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Rotaract Alexandria Cosmopolitan Club

Rotaract Alexandria Cosmopolitan Club

Alexandria in February 19th, 2004

Dear Dr.Sheila,

Following your several visits to us , it was a great pleasure to be with us and to see our projects and efforts for a better tomorrow for Egypt’s Children.

We think that we can have a mutual cooperation together in couple of projects with our organization “Rotaract Alexandria Cosmopolitan Club”; we are having some projects which are lacking funds such as:

• Pre Mature Incubation Unit: We did make already one unit for Pre mature children intensive care in a Governmental Hospital, BUT its capacity is about 20 babies which is FAR beyond the needed capacity in a huge city like Alexandria. We need funds to prepare another 2 intensive care units in the hospital. Of course detailed feasibility study would be prepared if needed.

• Burn Unit: Our club re innovated a huge section in the main governmental hospital in Alexandria But we need a lot more funds to furnish this BURN unit with the specially needed beds & intensive care equipments. Same as above a detailed need list would be ready if needed.

• Caring for orphans: We are thinking of a project, we are in touch with all orphanage houses in Alexandria, we think to bring over some selected children from Egypt to SDFF Paradise, to have the vacation of there life and learn a lot of things from her & her staff. This would be a dream for all of us. Detailed study would be ready if needed.

We will work together in the coming period with Rotaract Clubs in Netherland & with your organization. Pls if you will be interested in any of the above projects just tell us to study it deeper & have mutual benefit.

Best Regards,
Ahmed Mohsen
PP. Alexandria Cosmopolitan

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